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Radiant Floor Heating :

Our radiant floor/wall heating specialists are experienced and trained to accommodate all types of radiant heating situations. Radiant heat will provide an optimal comfort level emanating from your floor upwards to the ceiling (and in other applications from a wall outwards).  It is a very safe, noiseless and virtually unseen source of heat. When weighing out the benefits of installing radiant heating, the choice seems undeniable…

  • Comfortable: It’s hard to compete with being able to walk on tile and hardwood floors barefoot during the wintertime.
  • Efficient: In general, radiant floors are significantly more efficient than other forms of heating. Up to 30% of the heat is lost due to ductwork in forced air-heating.
  • Quiet: Your home will be free from any kind of fan noise that typically comes along with alternate heating system blowers.
  • Clean: Unlike forced air-heating, radiant heating does not distribute dust, pollen or other allergens into your home.
  • Attractive: No unappealing wall registers as radiant heating is hidden within your floors.
  • Zoning: Multiple thermostats can be incorporated with radiant heating to create a zoning capability that differs within each room/area of your home.
  • Versatile: These systems can use a wide variety of fuel sources to heat the liquid such as oil boilers, gas boilers or wood fired boilers.

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