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The summer heat can be brutal and we know you’re probably very busy, too busy in fact to be bothered with why your home might have a lack of cool air. We’re here to help so that none of these issues take away from your time. Our experienced technicians are available 24/7 for service calls to address and can repair any air conditioning concerns. 

Getting a professional for these matters is crucial as air conditioning issues can be complicated and are something you don’t want to take a risk with. Few things are worse than no AC during the hot summer, even if its only for a short time.

Now, we also understand our do-it-yourselfers out there prefer to fix smaller issues themselves, and we can help with that too! Here are some common issues that often arise with air conditioning systems and how they can be resolved.

  • AC Unit Does Not Turn On: Now although this can be an obvious sign of a more severe complication, often times a quick easy solution is just to check that the breaker that the system is hooked up to is not turned off or the fuse has not been blown. Also, be sure that your thermostat is on and set to the proper temperature and program setting.
  • Poor Air Flow: If it seems as though your supply vents are not providing a strong enough pressure of cool air, don’t worry, chances are your AC unit is fine and the problem is simply that the air filters need to be cleaned or replaced.

Another possible cause for poor air flow or a lack of efficient circulation is that your condenser unit has debris in it and the fan is being obstructed. The simple solution for this is to clean it out; however, some aspects of this can be rather difficult so we recommend calling us for professional service on this one.

  • Air is Warm: If your air conditioning unit turns on and runs, yet it blows out warm air rather than cool air, most of the time the issue is dirty filters (as mentioned above). However, in rare cases it could be low refrigerant and this is not something to mess with or something a homeowner can even check for. If you have gone through the other items listed above and your AC system is still not operating properly, give us a call and we can come out to check your refrigerant levels.

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